Kones Korner

     18299 US Hwy 81   Castlewood, SD 57223   Tel: 605-793-2347   or   605-793-2263     Fax: 605-793-2311

Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm    Saturday 7am - 6pm    Sunday 8am - 6pm
24 hour Gas Pumps

Email us: koneskorner@itctel.com

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Guns we stock at Kones Korner

Kones Korner is a legend known all across the upper Midwest and Great Plains as a 1920's rural gas station and store. In the 1960's a longtime gun hobby was combined with the store. Today there are still gas pumps and munchies for travelers, but the store now carries an inventory of approximately 2500 firearms.   Click on the link to our partners to learn more about their guns.   See something you like?  Call us here at Kones Korner 605-793-2263 to order to to answer any of your questions.  Visit our partner.s sites then call Kones Korner to chose your gun or to ask questions. 


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