The Kones Korner Legend


Kones Korner is a legend known all across the upper Midwest and Great Plains as a 1920's rural gas station and store. In the 1960's a longtime gun hobby was combined with the store. Today there are still gas pumps and munchies for travelers, but the store now carries an inventory of approximately 2500 firearms.

In 1966, after purchasing several guns at an auction sale, Curt displayed them in an old candy display case. The guns sold, starting a legacy that lives on today. Curt continued to add more and more guns and gun supplies. Today Kones Korner serves customers from both the local area as well as across the United States. The business has even sold to persons as far away as England. Now the business has been passed down to yet another generation. Curt’s son Vic Carter has now taken over the day to day business of Kones Korner.


Kones Korner

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